Links on Artificial Intelligence and Related Disciplines

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These are some of the links I have collected since 1997. Most of them reveal my exquisite interest in AI as a multidisciplinary effort. If you know of good links that aren't already here or if you have a correction to submit, please let me know (

Important Papers Online

Below I put together a collection of seminal works of distinguished researchers. These are classics.

Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Alan M. Turing

A New Factor in Evolution, J. Mark Baldwin (June 1896)

A Mathematical Theory of Communication, by Claude E. Shannon

James Gibson's Purple Peril

 The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on our Capacity for Processing Information, George Miller (1956)

 The Symbol Grounding Problem. Stevan Harnad, (1990)
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Online Books

These are links to books that you can download and print. They may not remain online forever, so download while you can!

An Introduction to Neural Networks

Machine Translation: an Introductory Guide, Doug Arnold

The Computer Revolution in Philosophy: Philosophy, science and models of mind., by Aaron Sloman

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis, Richards J. Heuer, Jr.

The Descent of Man, Charles Darwin

Introduction to Machine Learning, Nils J. Nilsson

The Principles of Psychology, William James (1890)

The Problems of Philosophy, Bertrand Russell

Page with hundreds of online books

Handbook of Applied Cryptography

The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin

Strange Attractors: Creating Patterns in Chaos, by Julien C. Sprott

Physics Demonstrations, by Julien C. Sprott

On the duplicity of language, Charles Pyle

Natural Language Processing with Thought Treasure
Erik T. Mueller

Personality Theories
Dr. C. George Boeree

Seized by Agreement, Swamped by Understanding
edited by L. Fell, D. Russell & A.Stewart,
Papers in honor of Humberto Maturana

Without Miracles: Universal Selection Theory and the Second DarwinianRevolution
Gary Cziko

How People Learn
John D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown, and Rodney R. Cocking, editors

Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing
R.M. Gray and L.D. Davisson

Probability & Stochastic Processes Texts

Probabilistic Thinking
Richard Jeffrey

Probability Theory, The Logic of Science

Modal Logic (Patrick Blackburn, Maarten de Rijke and Yde Venema)

Electronic Statistics Textbook

Surfstat.australia: an online text in introductory Statistics

Representation and Inference for Natural Language: A First Course in Computational Semantics
Patrick Blackburn and Johan Bos

Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods

Information, Randomness & Incompleteness (2nd Ed.)
Gregory J. Chaitin

Algorithmic Information Theory
Gregory J. Chaitin

Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology

Lateral Interactions in the Cortex
Joseph Sirosh, Risto Miikkulainen, Yoonsuck Choe (editors)

Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms
David MacKay

Important Resources, Links and Archives of Papers

CALResCo, The Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept

Standard Upper Ontologies, IEEE Study Group

Project: Enterprise Ontology

Knowledge Interchange Format draft spec

Conceptual Graph Standard

Ontology Group at ITBM-CNR

UMass ANW Laboratory Publications (Reinforcement Learning)

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Scielo, Scientific Electronic Library Online

Prisioner's Dilemma Links Page

Bibliography on automated text categorization

Syllabus of Readings for Complex Adaptive Systems and Agent-Based
Computational Economics

Emotion Home Page

Statistical natural language processing and corpus-based
computational linguistics: An annotated list of resources

Distributed Objects & Components: Mobile Agents


Complex Systems Links

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Knowledge Sharing Papers

Automatic Summarization

Papers on Text Summarization

Papers on Ontological Foundations of Conceptual Modelling and Knowledge Engineering

Review about Computational Reflection

Vygotsky Resources

Center for Imaging Science, Publications

Celebrities in Cognitive Science

AAAI Resources Page

Conferences Artificial Neural Networks

Cognitive Neuroscience Resources

Mental Models in Text Comprehension

Weka Machine Learning Project

Weka Publications (Machine Learning)

Antwerp Theoretical Neurobiology Publications


Sissa (IT) Preprint Server

International Journal of Corpus Linguistics

Publications on Support Vector Machines and related topics

Indiana University Cognitive Science Technical Report Series

Psychology, Culture & Evolution

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

Highwire Press (full text articles)

Support Vector Machine Papers

Complex Systems Resources

Fuzzy Sets and Systems

Mental Models Website

Neuroscience Virtual Library

Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation Publications

Computational Neuroscience in Europe

Learning Research Group Reports

Artificial Life Bibliography of On-line Publications

University of Washington Statistics

HPKB, High Performance Knowledge Bases

Computational Mechanics Archive

Evolving Cellular Automata Project

Evolving Cellular Automata: Papers

Publications of the ML Group at GMD

LDC, Linguistic Data Consortium

Neuroprose Archive

Neuroprose Archive of Thesis

Generalized Upper Model 2.0

Cora, Computer Science Research Paper Search Engine

Artificial Intelligence Resources

Brain Connection

NeuroCOLT 2 Homepage

COLT: Resources on Computational Learning Theory

Collective Intelligence Papers

Invariances in Neural Systems

Automated Learning Group

Bayesian Analysis e-prints

AI Links

Radical Constructivism

The Harvard Brain Undergraduate Journal

John Sowa's Ontology

Psychology Online Resource Central

AIMA Home Page

NRC Artificial Intelligence Resources

SVM (Support Vector Machine) Application List

CHILDES, The Child Language Data Exchange System

Computational Intelligence Home Page

Natural Language in Information Science

Santa Fe Institute Working Papers

Santa Fe Institute Bulletin

Computists International

UMBC AgentWeb

Vision Research WWW Servers

Project Gutenberg

Encyclopaedia Autopoietica

Machine Learning Network Online Information Service

!Artificial Neural Nets Online Demos

Papers from the MIT AI Lab Intelligent Room

Pattern Matching Pointers

CogLab, Cognitive Psychology Online Laboratory, Purdue Univ.

On-line Postscript Library

Conceptual Graphs Tools Home Page

Some Ongoing KBS/Ontology Projects and Groups

Papers and Publications, USC Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Connectionist Mailing List Archives

Conceptual Metaphor Home Page

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

Automated Learning Group

Agent Construction Tools

Bayesian Network Repository

Bayesian Statistics Personal Web Pages

PC AI Magazine

Webvision: The Organization of the Vertebrate Retina

MCMC Preprints (Markov, Monte Carlo, Gibbs Sampling, Bayesian, CART)

Bayesian Statistics Personal Web Pages

CLAUS Reports

Stochastic Resonance Home Page

The Cognition and Affect Project

Bayesian Knowledge Discovery Project

Latent Semantic Analysis

Mechanized Reasoning

Neuroscience for Kids (don't be misled by the name)

Rule Extraction From Trained Artificial Neural Networks

The Cognition and Affect Project

Bridging the Gap: Where Cognitive Science Meets Literary Criticism (Stanford Electronic Humanities Review)

Constructions of the Mind: AI and the Humanities (Stanford Electronic Humanities Review)

Neurosciences in the Internet

NOESIS articles by Daniel C. Dennett,_Daniel_C./

Publication list, Daniel C. Dennett and others

Cognitive and Psychological Sciences on the Internet

Classics in the History of Psychology

Fuzzy Logic and Neurofuzzy Resources

PSYCHE, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness

Behavioral & Brain Sciences

Neurosciences on the Internet

Literature, Cognition & the Brain

The ACL NLP/CL Universe

The Psychology of Language (resources)

NLSR, Natural Language Software Registry

CSLI Publications Online

CogSci and Engineering pre-publications

HCRC Online Research Papers

Sigart links

Machine Learning and CBR People

Case-Based Reasoning Resources

Machine Learning Resources

CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository

Online papers on consciousness

On-line CS Techreports

Knowledge Representation Pointers

IRCS Technical Reports (many online)
ftp directory:

Artificial Intelligence Resources

Bibliographies on Artificial Intelligence
ftp directory:

Online Machine Learning Resources

JPL Planning and Scheduling AI Group Papers

UTCS Neural Nets Publication Abstracts (>130k)

Cogprints, Cognitive Sciences EPrint Archive

Vismod Tech Reports and Publications (>230k)

PubMed Search Service, access to millions of Medline citations, most with abstracts

NCSTRL (ancestral), Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library

The Computing Research Repository (CoRR)

Los Alamos National Laboratory e-Print Archive

Los Alamos National Laboratory e-Print mirror servers

LANL Adaptation, Noise, and Self-Organizing Systems

LANL Chaotic Dynamics

MIT AI Lab Online Publications (HTML with more than 500k)

Important Institutions

Center for the study of complex systems

Neural Networks Research Centre, Helsinki University

LAIR - Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research

CIS Paisley Artificial Neural Networks Group

Neural Dynamics Laboratory

MANTRA, Center for Neuro-Mimetic Systems

Robot Learning Group

Intelligent Database Systems Research Laboratory

Clinical Psychology in Konstanz

Institute of Neuroinformatics

Centre for Policy Modelling

CBRU, Cognitive Brain Research Unit

Language Evolution and Computation, University of Edinburgh

Cognitive Science, Division of Informatics, University of Edinburg

Human Communication Research Centre

Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Rockefeller University

Department of Theoretical Biology

Institute for Adaptive & Neural Computation

Computational Intelligence Group, University of Bristol

Stanford Robotics Laboratory

Hybrid Intelligent Systems Group

Department of Neurophysiology, Division of Neuroscience, University of Birmingham, UK

COGS, School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences

Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Department of Psychology, Birkbeck College

Integrated Reasoning Group

Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition, Indiana University

Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics

Center for the Study of Brain, Mind and Behavior, Princeton University

ML (Machine Learning Research Group)

FDK (From Data To Knowledge)

Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

Sony Computer Science Laboratory

USC Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Consciousness Studies, The University of Arizona

Centre for the Mind

Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Rockefeller University

Hybrid Intelligent Systems Group

Intelligent Systems Group, Univ. Stellenbosch

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Univ. Michigan

Neural Netwoks Research Centre, Helsinki University

The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences

Center for biological and computational learning

Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University

The Jean Piaget Society

CORTEX, Neural Network Group

PNP, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (Dept Philosophy at Washington University)
Archive of Papers

SRI International

The Association for Computational Linguistics

ÖFAI, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence

CNBC Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

The Institute for the Learning Sciences (Roger C. Schank)

SRI International

AI Laboratory at MIT

Pattern Recognition Group

SFI, Santa Fe Institute

AAAI, American Association of Artificial Intelligence


Pawel Lewicki

John Vokey

DeLiang Wang

Mikael Bodén

Steven Phillips

John F. Nash, Jr

Deborah L. McGuinness

Paul Thagard

Jenny Saffran

Peter W. Jusczyk

Josh Tenenbaum

Cosma Rohilla Shalizi

Boicho Kokinov

Tony Veale

Dan Sperber

Chris Thornton

Lyle Zynda

Valerie Gray Hardcastle

Simon Dennis

Jari Vaario

David Hansel

John Searle

Searle's interview (with video)

Colin Fyfe

Peter Carruthers, Univ. Sheffield

Josh Tenenbaum, Stanford University

Thomas Hofman, CS Dept Brown University

John A. Goldsmith, cognitive science, linguistics

Vasant Honavar,Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University

Daniel C. Dennett

Christian Eurich, Institute of Theoretical Neurophysics, Univ. Bremen

Michael Brent, Cognitive Science at JHU

Wolfgang Maas, Institute for Theoretical Computer Science Technische Universitaet Graz

John F. Sowa

Kim Binsted

Dante R. Chialvo, Santa Fe Institute

Peter Bartlett, CS Laboratory, Australian National University

Rodney A. Brooks, Director AI Lab at MIT

John McCarthy

Wulfram Gerstner, Center for Neuromimetic Systems

Chris Eliasmith

Zoubin Ghahramani, Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, University College London

Friedemann Pulvermüller, Clinical Psychology in Konstanz

Richard Everson, Neural systems Group, Imperial College

Steven B. Lowen, Developmental Biopsychiatry, McLean Hospital

Mikel L. Forcada

Jeff Elman, Dept Cognitive Science, Univ. California, San Diego

Craig Nevill-Manning, Dept CS, University New Jersey

Ken Mogi, Sony Computer Science Laboratory

Mark Plumbley, Dept. Electr. Engineering, King's College London

Jun Tani, Brain Science Institute, RIKEN

Ralph Mitchell Siegel, CMBN Rutgers Univ.

Penio Penev, Rockefeller University

Randolph Black, Psychology Dept, Vanderbilt University

Morten H. Christiansen

Mark S. Seidenberg, University of South California

William J. Rapaport, Associate Professor, Dept CS State University of NY at Buffalo

Dana H. Ballard, University of Rochester

Phil Goetz

Peter Clark, Boeing Research and Technology Group

Jeff Bradshaw, Institute for Human & Machine Cognition

Paul Davidsson, Dept CS, Lund University

Suzanna Becker, Associate Professor, Dept Psychology McMaster University

Laurenz Wiskott, Innovationskolleg Theoretische Biologie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Michiro Negishi

Richard S. Zemel, Dept. Psychology and CS, University Arizona

Luc Steels, Director VUB Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Jeff Zacks, Stanford University

Tom Gruber, Stanford Knowledge Systems Lab

Deborah L. McGuinness, Research Scientist, Stanford Knowledge System Laboratory

Patrick Blackburn, Computerlinguistik, University of Saarland

Francisco J. Varela, Director CNRS (National Institute for Scientific Research)

Tom Mitchell, Center for Automated Learning and Discovery, Carnegie Mellon University

Jamie Sherrah, Machine Vision Group, University of London

Stephen Grossberg, Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University

Paul C. Bressloff, Nonlinear and Complex Systems Group, Loughborough University

Peter Roper, Nonlinear and Complex Systems Group, Loughborough University

Steve Coombes, Nonlinear and Complex Systems Group, Loughborough University

Michael Elhadad, Dept Mathematics and CS, University of Negev

Barbara Di Eugenio, Dept Elect. Engin. and CS, Univ. Illinois

John A. Bateman, Computational and Descriptive linguistics, Univ. Stirling

Ion Androutsopoulos, Soft and Knowl Engin. Lab, NCSR

Johanna D. Moore Human Communication Research Centre

Graeme Hirst Professor, Dept CS, University of Toronto

Ehud Reiter, CS University of Aberdeen

Graeme Ritchie, Division of Informatics, Edinburgh University

Mark Steedman, Division of Informatics, Edinburgh University

Matthew Stone Dept CS Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Tomaso Poggio, CBLC, MIT

Oliver Sacks

Gregory J. Chaitin

Jude W. Shavlik, Univ. Wisconsin

Axel Cleeremans

David C. Plaut

Donald Tveter

David Chalmers, Department of Philosophy, University of California

Dave Touretzky, CS Dept, CNBC, Carnegie Mellon University

David W. Aha

David B. Leake

C. Lee Giles, Dept Computer & Information Science, Univ. Pennsylvania

Bruce J. MacLennan, CS Department, University of Tennessee

Kenneth M. Ford, Institute for Human & Machine Cognition

Patrick J. Hayes, Institute for Human & Machine Cognition

Rodney Cotterill, Division of Biophysics, Danish Tech. University

Gerry Wolff, SEECS, University of Wales at Bangor

David Bailey, Computer Science, University of California

Joseph Sirosh, UTCS Neural Nets Research Group

Risto Miikkulainen, UTCS Neural Nets Research Group

Srini Narayanan, International Computer Science Institute

Lokendra Shastri, AI Group, International Computer Science Institute

John R. Koza, Medical Informatics, Stanford University

Rosalind W. Picard, Assoc. Professor Media Arts and Sciences

Sanjay Poria

Pattie Maes, Assoc. Professor, MIT Media Lab

Ken Haase, Machine Understanding Group, MIT Media Lab

Marvin Minsky, Toshiba Prof., MIT Media and AI Labs

Ashwin Ram, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Janet Kolodner, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

Aaron Sloman, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham

Ron Sun, University of Missouri-Columbia

Stevan Harnad, Department of Psychology, Princeton University

Sanda Harabagiu, SRI International

Stan C. Kwasny, Dept. Computer Science, Washington University

Downloadable PhD Thesis

I have more than 500 printed volumes of PhD thesis covering all aspects of AI, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience. Here I'll collect most of them, as time allows (unfortunately, some of them are no longer available online).

Goal Processing in Autonomous Agents
Luc Beaudoin, University of Birmingham

The roles of linguistic input and innate mechanisms in children's acquisition of grammatical categories
Mintz, T. H., University of Rochester.

The Computational Basis of Interactive Skill
Paul Maglio

Lexical Segmentation in Spoken Word Recognition
Matt. H. Davis

Infinite RAAM: Initial Investigations into a Fractal Basis for Cognition
Simon D. Levy

Imaging the Functions of Human Hippocampus
Bryan Strange

Spatial Feature Binding and Learning in Competitive Neural Layer Architectures
H. Wersing

Building Intelligent Agents that Learn to Retrieve and Extract Information
T. Eliassi-Rad

The Minimum Description Length Principle and Reasoning under Uncertainty
Peter Grünwald

Learning without limits
Niels Taatgen

Cellular Automata with neural networks
Aaron Turner

A Connectionist Approach to First-pass Attachment Prediction in Natural Language Parsing
Fabrizio Costa

A Connectionist Model of Sentence Comprehension and Production
Douglas Rohde

Connectionism and the Problem of Systematicity
Steven Philips

Learning Procedural Planning Knowledge in Complex Environments
D. J. Pearson

Ensuring Reasoning Consistency in Hierarchical Architectures
R. E. Wray

Conjectures, An inquiry concerning the logic of induction
Peter Flach

Computational evidence for the use of frequency information in discovery of the infant's first lexicon
Eleanor Olds Batchelder

Lexical Segmentation in Spoken Word Recognition
Matt. H. Davis

A Framework for Autonomous Knowledge Discovery from Databases
Gary Ray Livingston

Correlation-based feature selection for machine learning
M. A. Hall

Spatio-temporal patterns in the extracellular recording of hippocampal pyramidal cells
Zoltan Nadasdy

Hierarchical Connectionist Acoustic Modeling for Domain-Adaptive
Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition
Jürgen Fritsch

An Emergent Modeling Method for Artificial Neural Networks
Jari Vaario

Collective Intelligence for Network Control, MSc. thesis
R. Schoonderwoerd

Neural Network Models of the Brain Mechanisms of Bilateral Coordination
Scott Farrar

How to Tell Your Mother from a Bush: A Model of Predispositions and
Filial Imprinting in Domestic Chicks
Lucy Hadden

Context, World-class, and Prosody in the Recognition of the Open and
Closed-class Words
Daniel Herron

Visualizing Speech with a Recurrent Neural Network Trained on Human
Acoustic-Articulatory Data
Jay Moody

Formal Approaches to Innate and Learned Communication: Laying the
Foundation for Language
Michael Oliphant

Vision and Imagery: The Role of Cortical Attractor Dynamics
Thomas Rebotier

Lamination and Within-Area Integration in the Neocortex
Adrian Robert

On the Evolutionary and Behavioral Dynamics of Social Coordination:
Models and Theoretical Aspects.
Ezequiel Di Paolo

Computational Mechanics of Cellular Automata
J. E. Hanson

Evidence Sets and Contextual Genetic Algorithms
Luis Mateus Rocha

Studies in Artificial Evolution
R. J. Collins

From reactive behaviour to adaptive behaviour: Motivational models for
behaviour in animals and robots
E. Spier

Self-Organizing Maps in Natural Language Processing
Timo Honkela

Various Aspects of Artificial and Biological Neural Networks
I. Ginzburg

Contexts: A Formalization and Some Applications
Ramanathan V. Guha

Lexicon Grounding on mobile robot
Paul Vogt

A Computational Model of Color Perception and Color Naming
Johan M. Lammens (4.2 Mb color PostScript)

Constructivist Neural Network Models of Cognitive Development
Westermann, G.

Environmental determinants of lexical processing effort
Scott McDonald

Associative Computation
Andrzej Wichert

Information encoding in the mammalian cerebral cortex
Simon Schultz

Quantitative methods for analyzing information processing in the mammalian cortex

Weather prediction using Case-Based reasoning and Fuzzy set Theory
Bjarne Hansen

Neural mechanisms underlying processing in the visual areas of the occipital and temporal lobes
Guy Wallis

Benevolent Agents
Abdulla M. Mohamed

Adaptive Global Optimization with Local Search
William E Hart

A Bayesian Framework for Concept Learning.
J. B. Tenenbaum

Syntactic Measures of Complexity
Bruce Edmonds

Autonomous Formation of Concepts and Communication
Edwin D. de Jong

Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition by Sequences of Elementary Actions
Michael Kositsky

The Ecology of Cooperation
Robert Hoffman

Transformation-Invariant Topology Preserving Maps
S.J. McGlinchey

Methods for Statistical Inference: Extending the Evolutionary Computation Paradigm.
Hugues Juillé

INSS : Un Système Hybride Neuro-Symbolique pour l'Apprentissage Automatique Constructif
Fernando Osório

Biologically Realistic Modelling of Cortical Network Dynamics
Thomas Zaccarin Lauritzen (Master's thesis)

Exact and Approximate Algorithms for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Anthony Rocco Cassandra

GLR* A Robust Parser for Spontaneously Spoken Language
Alon Lavie

Making them behave: Cognitive models for Computer Animation
John Funge

Design and Analysis of a Systolic Array for Neural Computation
Marc Viredaz

Feature Extraction Without Edge Detection
Ronald D. Chaney

Theory Refinement of Bayesian Networks With Hidden Variables
Sowmya Ramachandran

Using Inductive Logic Programming to Automate the Construction of Natural Language Parsers
John M. Zelle

Inductive Learning For Abductive Diagnosis
Cynthia Ann Thompson (master's thesis)

Semantic lexicon acquisition for learning natural language interfaces
Cynthia Ann Thompson

Text Categorization through probabilistic learning: Applications to recommender systems
Paul N. Bennett

Qualitative Multiple-Fault Diagnosis of Continuous Dynamic Systems Using Behavioral Modes
Subramanian, Siddarth

Combining Symbolic And Connectionist Learning Methods to Refine Certainty-Factor Rule-Bases
Mahoney, J. Jeffrey

Relational learning techniques for natural language information extraction
Mary Elaine Califf

Linear and Order Statistics Combiners for Reliable Pattern Classification
Kagan Tumer

Using multi-strategy learning to improve planning efficiency and quality
Tara Adrienne Estlin

Automatic Student modeling and bug library construction using theory refinement
Paul Thomas Baffes

Equivalence and Reduction of Hidden Markov Models
Vijay Balasubramanian

Shift-invariant recognition by the conjunction of basic invariant patterns
S. Soloviev (master's thesis)

Vision, Instruction, and Action
David Chapman

Computation and Psychophysics of Sensorimotor Integration
Zoubin Ghahramani

Getting Useful Gender Statistics from English Text

Exact and Approximate Algorithms for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Anthony R. Cassandra.

Practical Uses of the Minimum Description Length Principle in Inductive Learning
Bernhard Pfahringer

Learning Parse and Translation Decisions From Examples With Rich Context
U. Hermjakob.

Realizing "Consciousness" in Software Agents
Myles Brandon Bogner

Representation and Learning in Information Retrieval
David Dolan Lewis.

Lexical Segmentation and Word Recognition in Fluent Aphasia
M Louise Kelly

Dynamic and static properties of neural networks with feedback
Avner Priel

Learning to parse images
Yee Whye Teh (master's thesis)

Preliminaries to a Theory of Speech Disuencies
Elizabeth Ellen Shriberg

Parsing Inside-Out
Joshua Goodman

Internet Fish
Brian A. LaMacchia

The Computation of Color
Anya C. Hurlbert

Geometry and Photometry in 3D Visual Recognition
Amnon Shashua

Local Feature Analysis: A Statistical Theory for Information Representation and Transmission
Penio S. Penev

Specialization of Perceptual Processes
Ian Horswill

Cerebellar learning of internal models for reaching and grasping: Adaptive control in the presence of delays
Jacob Spoelstra

An Information-Theoretic Approach to Unsupervised Connectionist Models
Mark Plumbley

From Genetic Algorithms to Efficient Optimization
Deniz Yuret

Optimal Unsupervised Learning in Feedforward Neural Networks
Terence D. Sanger

The Dynamic Structure of Everyday Life
Philip E. Agre

Combining Associational and Causal Reasoning to Solve Interpretation and Planning Problems
Reid G. Simmons

Three-Dimensional Recognition of Solid Objects from a Two-Dimensional Image
Daniel Peter Huttenlocher

Qualitative Process Theory
Kenneth D. Forbus

Reasoning Modeled As A Society Of Communicating Experts
Luc Steels

Towards a Computational Theory of Definite Anaphora Comprehension in English Discourse
Candace Lee Sidner

Natural Object Categorization
Aaron F. Bobick

Finding Texture Boundaries in Images
Harry Voorhees

Using Recurrent Networks for Dimensionality Reduction
Micheal J. Jones

Attractors in Recurrent Behavior Networks
Phil Goetz

Inferring Sequential Structure
Craig Nevill-Manning

Statistical Object Recognition
William M. Wells, III

Naive Physics, Event Perception, Lexical Semantics, and Language Acquisition
Jeffrey M. Siskind

Automated Reasoning About Classical Mechanics
Leon Wong

Interaction and Intelligent Behavior
Maja J. Mataric

Information Sharing Among Ideal Agents
Alessio Lomuscio

Infinite Languages, Finite Minds, connectionism, Learning and Linguistic Structure
Morten H. Christiansen

A Treatment of Anaphora in Portable Natural Language Front Ends to Data Bases
Flavia de Almeida Barros

A self-organizing model of the acquisition of syntax and semantics
Michiro Negishi

Paul Davidsson: Autonomous Agents and the Concept of Concepts

A Minimum Description Length Framework for Unsupervised Learning
Richard S. Zemel

Learning World Models in Environments with Manifest Causal Structure
Ruth Bergman

The Role of Fixation and Visual Attention in Object Recognition
Aparna Lakshmi Ratan

Embodiment and Manipulation Learning Process for a Humanoid Hand
Yoky Matsuoka

PARKA: A System for Massively Parallel Knowledge Representation
Matthew Evett

Detecting Salient Regions in an Image: from Biological Evidence to Computer Implementation
Ruggero Milanese

Topics in Computational Hidden State Modeling
Peter N. Yianilos

Noise Induced Processes in Neural Systems
Peter Roper

Using argumentation to control lexical choice: a unification-based implementation
Michael Elhadad

Revision-based generation of natural language summaries providing historical background: corpus-based analysis, design, implementation and evaluation.
Jacques Robin

The Informational Complexity of Learning from Examples
Partha Niyogi

The Role of Chemical Mechanisms in Neural Computation and Learning
Martha Jean Hiller

AMAR: A Computational Model of Autosegmental Phonology
Daneil M. Albro

Lexical semantics and knowledge representation in multilingual sentence generation
Manfred Stede

Phrase Structure in a Computational Model of Child Language Acquisition
Helen Gaylard-Seville

Abductive Equivalential Translation and its Application to Natural Language Database Interfacing
Manny Rayner

An Engineering Approach to Knowledge Acquisition by the Interactive Analysis of Dictionary Definitions
Sanjay Poria
Appendix C
Appendix D

Efficient Knowledge and Action Planning in First Order Logic
Ralph Becket

Understanding Natural Language Instructions: A Computational Approach to Purpose Clauses
Barbara Di Eugenio

Acquisition of Variable Rules: (-t,d) Deletion and (ing) Production
Julia Lee Roberts

Informational Redundancy and Resource Bounds in Dialogue
Marilyn A. Walker

A Corpus-Based Approach to Language Learning
Eric Brill or

Selection and Information: A Class-Based Approach to Lexical Relationship
Philip Stuart Resnik

Pattern Recognition in the Shared Weights Neural Networks in Image Analysis
M.Sc. Thesis, Dick de Ridder

DISCERN: A Distributed Artificial Neural Network Model of Script Processing and Memory
Risto Miikkulainen

When Push Comes to Shove: A Computational Model of the Role of Motor
Control in the Acquisition of Action Verbs, David Bailey

KARMA: Knowledge-Based Active Representations For Metaphor and Aspect
Srini Narayanan

Bayesian Learning of Probabilistic Language Models
Andreas Stolcke

Programming with Agents: New Metaphors for Thinking About Computation
Michael D. Travers

Invention and Exploration in Discovery
Ken Haase

Machine Humour: An Implemented Model of Puns
Kim Binsted

Introspective Multistrategy Learning
Michael T. Cox

WordNet-Based Inference of Textual Context, Cohesion and Coherence
Sanda Harabagiu

Description Based Parsing in a Connectionist Network
James Henderson

Learning Adaptive Reactive Agents
Juan Carlos Santamaria

Emotional Agents
Ian Paul Wright

Online Journals, Magazines and Publications

Journal of Universal Computer Science

NeuroReport Online Articles

Supplementary materials, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, full text articles

Cognitive Science Quarterly

Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic

Brain & Mind

Center for Research in Language, Newsletter

Computer Journal, Special Issue Kolmogorov Complexity

International Journal of Neural Systems (IJNS)

The Scientist

Neural Computing Surveys

JAIR, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Alma, Scores of the Unfinished Thought

Data Mining Papers, Phd Thesis and Resources

Enhancements to the Data Mining Process
George H. John

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases Papers

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

QUEST Data Mining system Publications

Cortes, C. 1995. Prediction of Generalization Ability in Learning Machines.

Smola, A. 1996. Regression Estimation with Support Vector Learning Machines

Qing Chen, Mining Exceptions and Quantitative Association Rules
in OLAP Data Cube

Schölkopf, B. Support Vector Learning (3 MB)

Krzysztof Koperski, Progressive Refinement Approach
to Spatial Data Mining

Osmar R. Zaiane, Resource and Knowledge Discovery
from the Internet and Multimedia Repositories

Hua Zhu, On-Line Analytical Mining of Association Rules

Smola, A. J.; 1998. Learning with Kernels

Yin Jenny (Chiang) Tam, Datacube: Its Implementation and
Application in OLAP Mining

Gabor Melli, A Lazy Model-Based Approach to On-Line Classification

Shan Cheng, Statistical Approaches to Predictive Modeling
in Large Databases

Yijun Lu, Concept Hierarchies in Data Mining:
Specification, Generation and Application.

Hannu Toivonen: Discovery of frequent patterns
in large data collections

Wan Gong, Periodic Pattern Search in Time-Related Data Sets

Betty Bin Xia, Similarity Search in Time Series Data Sets

Nebojsa Stefanovic, Design and Implementation of On-Line
Analytical Processing (OLAP) of Spatial Data

Yongjian Fu, Discovery of Multiple-Level Rules from Large Databases

Articles by Two Crows

Data Mining, Data Warehouse

Data Mining

Data Mining People & Papers

The Data Mine


Conference and Workshop Slides

What is Data Mining?

Machine Discovery Terminology

Datasets for Data Mining

Data Mining, An Introduction

Online Proceedings

24th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (2003)

Workshop on ontologies in agent systems OAS2001 Workshop Proceedings

Integrating Data Mining and Knowledge Management

ICLS 2000 Proceedings

Proceedings of the Workshop Autopoiesis and Perception held in
Dublin City University, August 25th & 26th 1992

Autonomous Agents 97

UGAI97 Workshop

UGAI96 Workshop

UGAI95 Workshop

KAW'99, Twelfth Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition, Modeling
and Management

See Also other years:

8th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks

Dartmouth Workshop on Transportable Agents September 27-28, 1996

Dartmouth Workshop on Transportable Agents 1997

Dartmouth Workshop on Transportable Agents 1999

6th ECOOP Workshop on Mobile Object Systems (June 13, 2000)

Autonomous Agents 2000 Workshop / Agents in Industry (June 3, 2000)

The Evolution of Complexity

The Eighth International World Wide Web Conference

Evolutionary Perspectives


International Workshop on Emergent Neural Computational Architectures Based
on Neuroscience Proceedings

Autopoiesis and Perception, Proceedings of a workshop held at Dublin
City University on August 25th & 26th, 1992.

Proceedings of STeP'96 Genes, Nets and Symbols

Proceedings of the Second Nordic Workshop on Genetic Algorithms and
their Applications (2NWGA) 1996

Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Conferences: Electronic Proceedings

Online Proceedings of the 1996 Midwest Artificial
Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference

Adaptive Behavior Using Dynamic Recurrent Neural Nets SAB`98 Workshop

Adaptation of Knowledge for Reuse Papers from the 1995 Fall Symposium

Fifth International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics

Adaptation in Case-Based Reasoning: A Workshop at ECAI 1996 in Budapest

Virtual Proceedings of the 5th German Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning (GWCBR'97)

Case-Based Learning: Beyond Classification of Feature Vectors, An ECML-97 MLNet Workshop (26 April 1997, Prague)

CEUR Workshop Proceedings (18 volumes of proceedings online)

Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Peirce: A Conceptual Graphs Workbench

Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Peirce: A Conceptual Graphs Workbench

Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Peirce: A Conceptual Graphs Workbench

Workshop on Problem-solving Methods for Knowledge-based Systems (1997)

Report on the 2nd Workshop on Product Knowledge Sharing and Integration (ProKSI-97)

Proceedings of the Prague Stringology Club Workshop '96

Proceedings of the Prague Stringology Club Workshop '97

Proceedings of the Prague Stringology Club Workshop '98

Proceedings of the Prague Stringology Club Workshop '99

ECAI96 Workshop Ontological Engineering

IJCAI'99 Workshop on Neural, Symbolic and Reinforcement Methods for Sequence Learning

EmerNet: International Workshop on Emergent Neural Computational Architectures Based on Neuroscience

Adaptation in Case-Based Reasoning Workshop at ECAI 96

Adaptation of Knowledge for Reuse (1995 Symposium)

ACL '94 Meeting

ACL '95 Meeting

ACL '96 Meeting

EACL '95 Conference

COLING '94 Conference


CLIN V '94



3rd International Workshop on TAGs

First LFG '96

Second LFG '97

TREC-4 '96

TREC-5 '97

TREC-6 '98

EMNLP-2 '97

NIPS 98, Neural Information Processing Systems (150k)

NIPS 97, Neural Information Processing Systems (130k)

UAI 94 Online Proceedings

UAI 95 Online Proceedings

UAI 96 Online Proceedings

UAI 97 Online Proceedings

UAI 98 Online Proceedings

Princeton's WordNet

WordNet - Lexical Database for English

Five Papers on WordNet

WordNet Bibliography (> 70k), lots of pointers

CYC Project

Cycorp web site

Cyc Technical Reports

Unofficial CYC FAQ  by David Whitten

An Assessment of Cyc for Natural Language Processing

A Visual Representation for Knowledge Structures In Proceedings of Hypertext '89
Michael Travers

Projects, Programs, Systems & Source Code

GPL C++ template library of genetic algorithms

The YAP Prolog System

Logeek Prolog System

Code From Several AI Books

Computational Intelligence Commercial Software

Transcriber, Tool for segmenting, labeling and transcribing speech

NEURON, Empirically-based simulations of neurons and networks


ALIFE Software


Intel Math Kernel Library

Copycat (Hofstadter et al.)

Adaptive Simulated Annealing Code

KM, The Knowledge Machine

SNeRG, SNePS Research Group

DEMO, Dynamical & Evolutionary Machine Organization

PARKA-CM: Massively Parallel Knowledge Representation

Condorcet Information Retrieval Project

Moby Lexicon Project

NSL - Neural Simulation Language

Managing Gigabytes, program for book

EXPECT, Reflective Architecture for Knowledge Acquisition

GA Archives, Source code collection

LOOM Project Home Page



Software for Manipulating Belief Networks

JESS, Java Expert System Shell

SPANAKE neural simulation software

Weka 3 -- Machine Learning Software in Java

WParse, Windows based speech segmentation

Watson, An Information Management Assistant

Code for Introduction to Neural Nets book (John Anderson)

CLIPS DLLs for Win95/NT

Software for Manipulating Belief Networks

Prolog Code, Book Representation and Inference for Natural Language

DORIS, Discourse Oriented Representation and Inference System

Isabelle, Generic Theorem Prover

The ACT Web (site for ACT-R architecture)

Latent Semantic Analysis

Bayesian Knowledge Discovery Project

Software for Manipulating Belief Networks

The Generalized Upper Model 2.0

Lisp interpreter in C (Gregory J. Chaitin)

Source Code, Othello game, genetic algor. (Itamar Faybish)

Verbmobil Project

Software for "The Pattern Recognition Basis of AI" (Donald Tveter)

PDP++ Software

Neocognitron source code

SPRLIB/ANNLIB Downloadable Manual & Datasets

MLC++, Machine Learning Library in C++

SNeRG, The SNePS Research Group (semantic networks)

ARPA's Knowledge Sharing Effort
(Ontologies, Papers, KIF, Ontolingua, etc)

UMBC Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology
(Agents, KQML, Information Retrieval, Intelligent Interfaces, etc)

VerbLearn, Hand-Action Verb Learning System

NTL, Neural Theory of Language

Shruti, Reflexive Reasoning with Temporal Synchrony

Cog Robot (MIT)

FramerD, Flexible and Scalable KB

CLIPS Expert System Shell
Executable and Documentation directory:

Copycat Source Code (Common Lisp)


Glossary of Philosophical Terms

Corpora, Datasets, Text Archives

CHILDES, The Child Language Data Exchange System

Reuters Text Categorization Test Collection

The Penn Treebank Project

American English Spoken Lexicon

A Web of Online Dictionaries

Moby Lexicon Project (CS, Sheffield University)

Stop List for General Text

Online Books at CMU

Oxford Text Archive

Recursos de Português Computacional

CHILDES (transcripts of children and adult learning of language)

Project Gutenberg

Educational Materials, Tutorials, Lectures, Courses

Some of these materials remain online only during the semester of the course. I recommend that you print or download all relevant material before it goes into the never-never land.

Fundamentals of Computing. Leonid Levin.

Ontology Development 101: A Guide to Creating Your First Ontology

Issues in Cognitive Psychology

Tutorial HMM (Hidden Markov Models)

COMP 421 Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes

Thinking and Decisions

Foundations of Computational Linguistics, Prof. Roland Hausser

Learning Theory and Generalization for NNs (Peter Bartlett)

Neuroscience Tutorial

A Guide to Writting a Master's Thesis, Terttu Orci (March 1996)

An Introduction to Collective Intelligence, David Wolpert and Kagan Tumer

Probabilistic Models for Unsupervised Learning
Zoubin Ghahramani and Sam Roweis

Game Theory, Complexity and Simplicity (Part I, II, III)

Exercises to Biophysics of Neural Computation

Neural Java, NN Tutorial with Java Applets

What is Genetic Programming (an animated tutorial)

Integrative Neurobiology & Neuroethology

AI Courses

Other Intro to AI Courses

CS540, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Psychology 404, Stephen R. Schmidt

CogSci 110, Neural Basis of Thought and Language

Music And Emotion (Roger Watt, lecture slides)

Neuroscience Laboratory Classrom Activities

An Introduction to Neural Networks (Leslie Smith)

Cognitive Psychology Tutorial Handouts

An Introduction to Independent Component Analysis and Blind Source Separation (Lucas C. Parra)

Neural Networks Lectures

What is Chaos? (Chris Hillman talk)

Machines that Eat Your Words (FSM tutorial)

Introduction to Cognitive Science Lecture Notes (Lyle Zynda)

Patrick H. Winston's AAAI-99 Keynote Address (slides)

Neural Computing Course

Collective Computation Course

Computational Models of Neural Systems

Character Recognition (Don Tveter)

Online Psychological Soar, Tutorial Ver. 12

Computation and Formal Systems (Course materials)

Introduction to Dynamic Systems

Exploration of Language (Richard Effland, Shereen Lerner, Stephen Perkins)

Description Logics Course (Enrico Franconi)

A Tutorial on Learning Bayesian Networks

Machine Learning (slides, David W. Aha)

Machine Learning: Issues, Answers and Quandries (Tom Dieterich, AAAI-91)

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (Usama Fayyad)

Learning Over Natural Language Text (Tom Mitchell)

Reinforcement Learning (Leslie P. Kaelbling et. al)

Case-Based Reasoning: Foundational Issues, Methodological Variations, and System Approaches (Agnar Aamodt, Enric Plaza)

Case-Based Reasoning (David W. Aha)

Reasoning with Cases - Theory and Practice

Additional Chapters for The Pattern Recognition Basis of AI (Donald Tveter)

Backpropagation Tutorial (Donald Tveter)

Basics of Information Theory (Dave Touretzky)

The Neocognitron Network

An Introduction to Data Mining

An Introduction to Software Agents (Jeffrey M. Bradshaw)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) FAQ FAQ

General AI

Expert System Shells


Neural Nets

Natural Language Processing

All of them

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation (FAQ for

Brazilian Researchers

Colleagues: send me the pointers to your homepages!

Lucia Maria Martins Giraffa

Fernando Santos Osório

Renata Vieira

Miguel Feldens, Univ. Caxias do Sul

Guilherme Bittencourt

Díbio Leandro Borges

Jaime Simao Sichman

Jacques Robin, CS Dept, Federal University of Pernambuco

Flávia de Almeida Barros,CS Dept, Federal University of Pernambuco

André Ponce de Leon F. de Carvalho

Brazilian Research Centers

Eina-Estudos em Inteligência Natural e Artificial

Laboratório de Inteligência Computacional

Laboratório de Técnicas Inteligentes

Educational Material in Portuguese

Inteligência Artificial & Educação

Artigos Renato M. E. Sabbatini

Fundamentos de Inteligência Artificial

LEIC- Introdução à Inteligência Artificial

Introdução ao Prolog

Curso Básico de Sistemas Expertos (1.6 mb, Luis Guillermo Restrepo Rivas)

Introducción a los Sistemas Discentes (101k, Luis Guillermo Restrepo Rivas)

Processamento de Linguagem Natural

Tutorial, Redes Neurais Artificiais (André Ponce de Leon F. de Carvalho)

Projeto Evolucionário de Arquiteturas Neurais

Algoritmos Genéticos

SNNS Manual de Referência Básica

Newsgroups Archives newsgroup partial archive newsgroup partial archive newsgroup partial archive

Miscellanea (Interesting Things)

Kenneth E. Rinaldo's Emergent Systems
Confluence and coevolution of organic and technological cultures  

Art & Technology

Erik T. Mueller's ThoughtTreasure

Logical Fallacies Slides, Frank Shoemaker

The Database of Faces

ZooNet Image Archives

NASA JSC Digital Image Collection

Spirals Illusion

NOMAD Picture Album

NASA Ames Imaging Library Service

Center for Imaging Science

The face recognition home page

Sleep Home Pages

Introduction to MRI

Jay's brain


PubMed Search System (Abstracts)

Founders of Neurology

Ethics and Survival Skills in Academia (Jeff Elman)

Neuroscience Links

Eduardo Sontag's papers

William J. Rapaport's How To Study Guide

Exploratorium Memory Lecture Series (Real Audio)

The Qualia Manifesto

Exploratorium, Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception

Control Theory Bibliography

Academic Integrity (CSE at Buffalo)


NOESIS, Philosophical Research Online

E-mail discussion lists (Stanford)

Symbolic Dynamics on the World Wide Web

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections

Entropy on the World Wide Web

Dynamical Systems and Fractals Lecture Notes (David J. Wright)

Sounds of Neuroscience

Science Links

National Academy Press (1300 books online)

Software for Creativity & Idea Generation

Resources for Creativity and Innovation

The Alan Turing Home Page

FOLDOC, Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing

BUGS, Bayesian Inference Using Gibbs Sampling

Boston Review, Articles on Evolution

The Dance of Chance Exibit

Introduction to Evolutionary Biology

Formal Methods Resources

Numerical Recipes Homepage

E-zines list

Fifth Meeting on Mathematics of Language - MOL5

Talk.Origins Frequently Asked Questions

The Origin of Species, First Edition, by Charles Darwin

Introduction to Evolutionary Biology, Chris Colby

Essential Utilities

txt2html - Text to HTML converter

HTML converters

Perl Language Page
Perl ports to various machines:
for MSDOS:


GZIP Homepage

MSDOS Compress/Uncompress

WinZip 7.0 for Win95, 98 and NT

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview homepage*.zip

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