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From: "Sergio Navega" <>
Subject: Re: Cognitive concept shifts in human learning
Date: 05 Nov 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Sameer Siruguri wrote in message <7vl8dt$qkq$>...
>can anyone point me to work on detecting conceptual shifts in human learning
>tasks? The hypothesis here is that when a human learns a task, there are
>"A-ha!"  moments, where the human's skill at the task significantly
>increases. I am doing some work in trying to detect this from analysing
>visual-motor data and would like to know if there is some related work in this,
>either from the Computer or Cognitive Science perspectives.
>Thanks. Sam.
>Sameer Siruguri                      DH3062, CS, Rice University
>        713-527-8750x2282

Hi, Sameer,

What you appear to be looking for are Gestalt-like analyses of
"perceptual sparks". There are a lot of cognitive studies of these
processes but I suggest you start by the more AI-related
stuff, such as:

Dimensions of Creativity
Margaret A. Boden (editor)
MIT Press 1996

Check in particular chapt. 5 'Creativity: Beyond the Darwinian
Paradigm', by David N. Perkins, where the concept of Klondike
space is presented. Other interesting books include:

Creative Thought, An investigation of conceptual structures
and processes
Thomas B. Ward et al. (editors)
American Psychological Association, 1997

This is a big volume with 19 papers covering most areas of
this subject. I also like these books:

Mental Leaps, Analogy in creative thought
Keith J. Holyoak and Paul Thagard
MIT Press 1996


The Nature of Insight
Robert J. Sternberg and Janet E. Davidson (editors)
MIT Press 1996

A more cognitive treatment of these issues is presented in

Knowledge, Concepts and Categories
David Shanks and Koen Lamberts (editors)
MIT Press 1997

This book contains 12 invaluable chapters. Check in particular
chapt 4, 'Conceptual Combination' by James Hampton.

I hope it helps.

Sergio Navega

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