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Research Statement

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Artificial Intelligence is probably one of today's most exciting fields of research. It is the kind of discipline that involves not only Computer Science, but also Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Mathematics, Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology and a host of other areas of science. This multidisciplinarity is one of the things that attracts my attention. I have divided my interests in two main topics:

Here is what we mean by these divisions:

Theoretical Research in AI

My main concern is to understand the basic principles behind the intelligent behavior. I analyze, in a somewhat reductionistic way, the common characteristics among several intelligent entities in our world, including humans and other animals. I do that without imposing any kind of "a priori" restrictions in terms of architecture or philosophy (which means that we are sensible to both symbolicist and connectionist arguments). It is my hope that, without compromising as much as possible, we can really grasp the essential principles behind intelligence and in this manner be able to "port" our ideas to almost any kind of computer architecture (even the ones that aren't developed yet). A detailed research statement is under construction and will offer more details about what we're up to.

Implementation of Intelligent Systems

Using what is discovered in the theoretical area, I'm are planning the implementation of systems in several areas. I intend do build knowledge-oriented systems in which knowledge acquisition is performed automatically by the system and also other applications involving Natural Language Processing. 

In the near future, this site will have some demonstration programs placed in this page. So add this page to your bookmark.

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